Go and catch a falling star,
     Get with child the barren womb,
Chart where all lost cities are,
     And carbon-date the Pharaoh's tomb.
Find a Church that's higher than its steeple,
Or a Government that serves its people,
     And see,
     How free,
They leave you and me to be.

If thou canst unravel Nature's pattern,
     See that which cannot be seen,
Make a pilgrimage to Saturn,
     To discover what her circles mean,
When thou returnest, thou wilt tell me,
Of all the wonders thou wouldst sell me,
     And try,
     To buy,
My imagination's eye.

For this knowledge I should pay thee,
     Such a database were sweet,
Yet do not, for I can't obey thee,
     When thou decreest what I should eat,
So ignorant, I'll live in wonder,
Of birds above and fishes under,
     And pray,
     That they,
Stay on this Earth another day.

Nik Trevallyn-Jones, 1996