• This poem is regarded by many as one of the best in the English language. If you don't recognise the poem, you will probably be surprised to see who wrote it.
Neutral Tones
  • One of my own poems, in the sonnet form; although not about love, really...
  • Another sonnet of my own; a little more personal this time.
  • Also a sonnet of mine. This was written as an invitation.
  • Blank verse this time, still my own; and still not particularly happy.
  • Well, I guess I had to write one that was light-hearted.
Ode to Masha The Brave, Scourge or The Freeway
  • This poem makes a lot more sense if you read it in conjunction with the original poem on which it is based: Song (by John Donne).
  • A more personal poem, inspired by a Harry Connick Jnr song, "He is, They are" (in conjunction with events).