So who is this Nik Anyway?
Nik, October 1996

Nik at Home  

Nik at Play 

I was Born in Armidale, NSW, Australia and moved, at age three, with my family to Sydney, where I grew up. When I was six, I travelled with my family to England, and lived there for a year, touring through Europe during that summer. We went travelling again when I was thirteen, and lived in Salzburg, Austria for a year. Finally, I managed to arrange some travel on my own account, although always with whatever company I was with. My various business trips have included a month in Fiji, numerous trips to Boston, and a six-month stay in Denver Colorado.


Nik at Home
I have one sister, Meredith, who is eighteen months older than me.
Nik and Meredith, 1993 (taken at a wine tasting dinner, as it happens...)

I love poetry and literature. My favourite poet is John Donne, with William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy rating highly. I love the Shakespearean plays also, and read them regularly. In a more modern vein, I like Damon Runyon, Mark Twaine's Essays, and a range of other authors, including a number of the fantasy novellists, such as David Eddings. I am also very fond of the modern playwrights, Tom Stoppard, and Alan Ayckbourne.

I do write poetry as a form of relaxation, which means it is only sporadic.

You can read some of my favourite poetry, and also some of my own verses on my Poetry page

I am fairly unimpressed by TV generally, and find the current programming underwhelming. I enjoy movies, but usually steer clear of the Hollywood 'BlockBustas'. Australia has produced a number of excellent movies recently, including "Pricilla, Queen of the Desert", "Muriel's Wedding" and "Cosi". I also love "The Piano", which was actually produced by a New Zealander, and I also enjoy a number of French movies for their individuality. However I have never spent much effort in memorising lists of actor's names...

Other indoorsey things I enjoy include gourmet food, good wine, dinner parties, port and philosphy in front of the fire...

On the general love-of-life front, I enjoy shopping (particular talent for this), talking, travelling, and more recently, photography, and very recently golf (more about this later)

I have scanned in a number of my photographs, and plan to scan more as I travel around, so watch that link.

I also love children, and having none of my own, I borrow those of my friends. I am the favourite uncle to two nieces, Rhiannon and Raewyn, and am very close to two other wonderful children, Madeline and Benjamin.

Nik and Madeline, 1996 (the day after her 2nd birthday party - both still recovering, apparently)


Nik at Play
Having been raised in Sydney, I love all the outdoor and water activities that are such a part of our way of life. My interests include sailing (I have been sailing on the Harbour since I was eight); swimming; SCUBA diving; roller-blading; quiet walks along the harbour foreshore; picnics in any of the many parks dotted along the harbour; camping; skiing (I learned in Austria); ice-skating; motor sport, and more...
Many sunset, 1996

One of the best places to roller-blade is Manly, a beach-side suburb of Sydney, on a peninsular, with beaches on both the Harbour and the Pacific ocean. Roller-blading along the paths that follow the beaches and coastline is a great way to stay fit, get some sun, and enjoy the city (and meet pretty girls that need a steadying hand...).

I live in a suburb of Sydney called Neutral Bay, which is one of the bays on the north shore of Sydney Harbour. The house is only 5 minute's walk from the ferry wharf, which is then a short 15 minute ferry ride into the city.

Neutral Bay, from Kuraba Point, looking SW, towards the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

As I have already told you, I enjoy picnics in the many parks that line the Harbour foreshore. This park is on Kuraba Point, and is within walking distance of my house, although it's rather fun to catch the ferry for the one whole stop, then walk around to the park.

Neutral Bay from Kuraba Park, looking NW towards North Sydney

These two pictures of Kurraba Park were taken on the same day. Whilst my house is not actually visible from the park, it would be through the trees and off to the right of this picture.

When I was younger, I owned my own sailing boats, but I have long since sold the last of those. However, I still love sailing on "my" Harbour, and get out as often as I can, which isn't nearly often enough. A few years ago, my sister arranged with the rest of my family to rent a sailing boat for me as a birthday/Christmas present. The day we chose to enjoy this present was a lovely sunny day, with a gentle breeze. My family catered the event, so all I had to do was turn up and sail the boat (a most arduous task). We dined on pate and white wine for morning tea, fresh seafood and fruit with more wine for lunch, and coffee, dessert wine and more fresh fruit for dessert. We started by sailing up harbour, past the Opera House and under the Harbour Bridge. We continued sailing up harbour for some hours before we turned and headed back. By the time we got near the heads, the breeze had come up, and the boat was heeling quite nicely, although I did hear a few murmurs from my (landlubber) crew.

Since then, I have rented yachts for a day's sailing on frequent, if irregular, occasions. It's a great way to show visitors the city, and makes for a very relaxing day for everyone.

Nik at the helm